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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Simpsons Hit And Run

For more than a decade and a half The Simpsons have rooted themselves as a part of our culture. Sixteen years of excellent writing, voice acting, and plot. It comes as a surprise that within those years, The Simpsons’ video game career has been rather listless, with only one game from the past that received any recognition, that being the infamous Simpsons arcade game. I remember playing that game almost daily at the nearby arcade, still today remembering exactly the way it was. In recent memory, The Simpsons games have all been absolutely dreadful, with their previous release (The Simpsons: Road Rage) as a prime example. Thankfully, every series of events has at least one standout after a drought of…crap. That’s where The Simpsons: Hit and Run comes in to save us from that pattern, and
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deliver some of the finest gameplay seen in quite a while.


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