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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Horse Racing Manager 2

Horse Racing Manager 2 is a sports management game set in the horse racing universe. With 3 game modes (stable, jockey and bettor) that can be played alone or with other players, and 3 types of races (flat, hurdles and trot racing), Horse Racing Manager 2 is the ultimate game for all horse lovers and horse racing fans.

The one and only sports management game set in the horse racing universe

3 game modes : solo or multi-player (except in betting mode)
Stable. You’re the owner/trainer of a brand new stable. Buy horses, land and infrastructure, recruit jockeys, manage training sessions, race inscriptions, race participation, bet taking, etc. It’s up to you to manage your stable as best you can to earn the status of best owner/trainer.

Jockey. Choose a race speciality and play the role of a jockey or driver throughout a long and prestigious career. In addition to his physical characteristics (size, weight, etc.), a jockey has differing levels of precision, experience and renown. It’s up to you to lead your horse to victory.

Bettor. Play the role of a long-standing bettor. Put money on all types of races. The season’s results and the horses’ and jockeys’ careers are displayed, along with all the results of a jockey on a particular horse or the results of a horse in particular race conditions. It’s up to you to be quick on your feet and make the right decision to make your money work for you.

3 types of races : flat, obstacle and trot.
Top-rate graphics : realistic race tracks, difference in horse sizes and colours, personalization of jockeys, night-time races, mud sprays, etc. Graphics up to the standards of horse races.


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